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Sri Lankan Catholic Churches Disaster Appeal

My dear Patricians, friends and families,

As you all know the whole world was devastated by the recent events that unfolded in Sri Lanka. The carnage is unfathomable. Innocent peace loving families who were attending the holy mass suffered immeasurable losses. The families who survived the injuries require immediate, medium term and long term support.

The main problems are as follows:

1.Loss of bread winners leaving the family in financial hardships

2.Loss of parents leaving the children as orphans.

3. People who survived life threatening injuries need long term rehabilitation.

4. The mental agony needs a structured psychological support.

We, as patricians, would like to join and support our brethren as the situation is dire. We are planning to raise funds and ensure that whatever little financial support we offer, reaches the needy, in full. We are hoping to achieve this through the priests who are on the ground managing the situation at present. Our collection will be distributed equally among the three churches without any bias.

Therefore, my dear friends please heed the call and rise to it.

Please be very generous. We stand together and support our people at their time of need.

God Bless You All.

Mariasoosai Pathmarajah 


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