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Outstanding contributions to the worldwide Patrician Alumni to Ferdi and Sathi

Posted by Patrician Scribe on October 18, 2010 at 6:59 PM
by Rev Fr Rector:

It is my great pleasure as Rector of St. Patrick’s College Jaffna to present the citation for the award of ‘Outstanding contributions to the worldwide Patrician Alumni’ to two individuals who in spite of perhaps being recognised as the quietest have achieved so much in bringing the Alumni Associations all over the world together. Indeed it may well be said that this get-together and others held in the past is their brain child.

It is therefore appropriate at this time to recall the role of Ferdi and Sathi in bringing about the concept of this global reunion and the reunion of Patrician Alumni Associations on a world wide basis. I believe it all started with the decision to link up Patricians world wide in Cyberspace, at no cost to the Patricians but perhaps at a small cost to their employers. Reminiscences of school days have now ceased to be just in our minds as the creation of cyberspace has given us the opportunity to communicate with each other exchanging information and sharing our love for our school. It has above all given us the golden opportunity to unite on a global basis to pool our efforts and resources to enable our school to thrive once more. It has also helped us to disseminate information of interest to the Patricians.

At the beginning there were just ten in the group which has grown into this active group. Our gratitude goes not just to Ferdi and Sathi. They will like us to take this opportunity to thank each and every one who has played a part in this wonderful concept.

It is difficult in a just a few minutes to do justice to this enthusiastic duo. Think of any superlative cliché to describe their dedication to St. Patrick’s College and it would fit them like a glove. How else will they find the time, energy and effort to do what they do? One of the purposes of awards such as these is to hold out individuals as examples for others to follow. In calling upon Ferdi to accept this award on behalf of himself and Sathi may I ask every Patrician to try and emulate their dedication. Each of us can contribute depending on the talents bestowed on us. Ferdi and Sathi have shown us their way, but importantly have been innovative in their contribution. I do not think that we are going to rush out and use our IT skills for the benefit of our school but we can try and emulate their innovative approach. So I call upon each and every Patrician to do their own and do it to the best of their ability for the benefit of our Alma Mater as Sathi and Ferdi have done.

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