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President's Speech 2009

Posted by Webmaster on March 28, 2010 at 4:25 PM

My dear members of the Association,

It is with great pleasure I am writing this Annual Report. As there are also Reports from the Secretary and the Treasurer, I will keep my report very condensed and precise.

First of all let me thank my Executive Committee members for all the support you have rendered me during the last year. If it is not for all of you, we would not have achieved what we have achieved during the last year.

Our year started with the Annual General Meeting and St. Patrick’s Day Celebration in April. Since then we have been working tirelessly for the last 11 months. Our main goal for the last year was to raise money for the Perpetual Fund which we have succeeded by putting a further £15,000 in the pot.

We have also helped our Alma Mater by sending funds which is detailed in the Treasurer’s report.

The college suffered its share of misfortune due to the natural disaster Cyclone Nisha. Fr. Rector appealed for funds to all the Alumni Associations around the world. Most of you would have received my letter appealing for this fund with the copy of the letter from Fr. Rector. I have to thank all the members who responded to this appeal. Thank you so much. But I have to say that I had expected a better response than we received. Nevertheless, we managed to raise nearly £3000 which has already been forwarded to Fr. Rector and we have received his acknowledgement and lot of repair work has already been carried out. Once again thank you to all those who responded to this worthy cause.

After a very long strife and hard work, we had our 1st Trustees’ meeting which authorised the release of a further £3000 for the needs of the College. As you all know, this funding has to come from the interest earned from the Perpetual Fund. Due to the credit Crunch and low interest rate, this year we won’t be as lucky as we were last year. This is going to make our coming year more difficult but we are all ready to face the challenge. This has made our fund raising target to be more of a challenge as we have to rely purely on raised funds for supporting the Alma Mater and to top up the Perpetual Pot. Therefore I call upon all the members to put their heart and soul into backing this great effort.

We had our Annual Dinner Dance in October. It was held in the Bollywood style which was a very successful event in both entertainment and fund raising. We would certainly like to have more participants at these events.

My congratulations also go to our Cricket Team who won the 20-20 overs game in last summer.

For this coming year we have set three main goals to achieve.

1) Fund raising by Social Activities

2) Increase the membership of the association by actively recruiting new members and also we are going to be the “good shepherd” and go after the lost members

3) We are also planning to publish a brochure about our Association which in turn will help us to sell the needs of the Association among the Private Sector in order to raise further funds.

To achieve the above three goals, we need all your support. Just the 17 committee members alone can’t achieve the above goals. We need all of you to support us. So please help us in any way you can to achieve our goals. Please remember. It is not us you are helping but your Alma mater.

Finally, I wish you all a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day Celebration.

Fide et Labore

Dr. N.R.Rubakumar


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