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President's Message @ Xmas Dinner Dance 2010

Posted by Webmaster on December 11, 2010 at 8:13 AM

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Dear members & well wishers,


Once again our Annual Dinner Dance is upon usand it gives me great pleasure to send this is message to all our members,their families and friends.


Like an “echo” around me, I am constantlyhearing people exclaim, “Where did this year go?”  Yes, we are almost at the end of the year andof course any year except a leap year will only have 365 days. Yet, we areamazed how those days had passed by. It is a well known fact that if we arefeeling this way, either we are getting old or we are too busy. Certainly thelatter is true when it comes to the Executive Committee members of ourAssociation. What a year we have had!


First and foremost, we had the rare opportunityof celebrating our present Rector, Fr. Jero Selvanayagam’s Episcopal SilverJubilee with him. It was a real privilege indeed to have him with us.  His visit served a dual purpose. On one handwe were so pleased to have him in our midst to when he celebrated his jubileeand on the other we got the first hand information about the progress and theneeds of the college. We wish him a happy and successful period as Rector ofSt. Patrick’s College and thank him for all his selfless and genuine hard workfor the progress of our college.


Since our last Dinner Dance, we have been busygenerating funds for various causes of our Alma Mater. It is because of yoursupport and generosity; we were able to help the needs of our Alma Mater.  We received several donations from variouswell wishers. I offer my sincere gratitude to all our donors.


My special thanks goes to Dinukshi Ferdinand whotook part in the London Triathlon and raised more than £7000 for our PerpetualFund. She is first person who was not a student of St. Patrick’s, yet wentthrough gruelling physical hardship to raise fund for our association. She is arare breed indeed. Also she is an Australian by nationality but dedicated herheart & sole for our British Alumni Association. I hope she will be aleader for all our future generations.


I would also like to thank Dr & MrsBalachandra who have donated £4500 for the development of a new IT lab. Thismoney along with our contribution has already been remitted to the Collegefund, in Srilankan rupees amounting to Rs 1.2m. Though I am in danger ofmissing out some of our donors, I would like to thank a few other majorcontributors specially Mrs. Miriam Albert who carries on her late husband’sgenerosity by contributing £1300 this year. Other are Prof. Chitramohan &Mr. Jayerajah, both donating £500 each, for the development of the class roomfacilities in the Mathuram Square in memory of our late Rector, Fr. J. A.Mathuranayagam. I also would like to thank our regular donors, Mr. Rex Philipswho donates £500 every year, Mr. L. W. Christian who donated £400 this year& Mr. Rajmohan who donated £185 from his Birthday Celebration. I also wouldlike to thank everyone who helped to fund IDP students at St. Patrick’sCollege, namely Dr. Theresa Joseph & Dr. Vasanthi Sandrasagra, notforgetting Mano & Sagu Manuelpillai who have been helping the IDP studentsat St. Patrick’s College directly.  Onceagain, I like to thank Mr. Ramakrishnan for his continuous support in offeringscholarship for 10 underprivileged and well deserving students. Last but notleast I like to thank all those regular anonymous donors who did not want theirnames mentioned and also those names I have unfortunately forgotten to mention.


The UK Alumni has between February & Octoberthis year remitted to College a total sum of £11,900 towards the IDP studentsfund and for the purchase & installation of 28 new computers. This is inSrilankan rupees equivalent to 2 million rupees. According to Fr. Rector’sreport we are the highest donors among the global Alumni Associations.


It is also with great delight that I can informyou that after having provided such large sums for the needs of our College,our Perpetual Fund too has continued to rise from £63,000 to £115,000 withinthe last 3 years. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Ex comembers and all those involved for their hard work which help us to achievethis target.


Even with all these good news, I unfortunatelyhave some things to moan about. Though our life membership has risen in thepast years, our income through regular membership has dwindled. We really needsome young and new members. I would urge each and every one of you to be partof our Association and through your membership be a part of us and help ourAlma Mater.


Our generation is getting weary, old and tired.We need younger and more vibrant members. Please encourage your children to bepart of us by joining as an associate member. We are also revamping our Web site. Look out for a more interactive andattractive web site which we intend to launch this winter.


Finally, I thank our families and friends forbeing a continuous support. We may not say it frequently but we all know thatwe would not have achieved what we have, without your support / help.


Have an enjoyable evening. I wish you all a veryMerry Christmas & a Happy New Year.




Dr. N. R. Rubakumar


11 December 2010




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