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Kalai Kaviri - Our Chief Guest

Professor Graham A Macgregor

We were delighted to hear from Dr. Joseph that Professor MacGregor had accepted his invitation on our behalf to be the chief guest at the Bharata Natyam recital 'Dancing for the Divine' in aid of the Patrician Perpetual Fund.

Prof Macgregor is a distinguished professor in Cardiovascular medicine at St. George's Hospital medical school, a leading medical school in the country. He had his medical education at the Middlesex Hospital medical school and graduated in medicine from the University of Cambridge in 1967. After an impressive spell as a registrar and senior registrar he was appointed senior lecturer and honorary consultant physician at Charing Cross and Westminster medical school London. He was then head hunted for the chair of cardiovascular medicine at St. George's Hospital.

Dr. Joseph a consultant colleague of professor MacGregor for several years speaks of the high regard in which he is held at St. George's hospital and nationally for his contribution to the treatment and more significantly in the prevention of hypertension (high blood pressure).

In recognition of these contributions he has held high office in many learned societies having been chairman of the Blood Pressure Association and President of the British Hypertension Society. His most significant role in the control of high blood pressure has been through his work as Chairman of CASH (Consensus Action on Salt and Health). Supermarkets and processed food manufacturers have responded to the pressure and reduced the salt concentration of all processed foods. His research has shown that if the public were to follow his recommendations on salt intake (3g/day) a staggering 70,000 unnecessary cardiovascular deaths could be prevented each year.

For his contributions to medicine and the nation's health he has received many prizes and awards and medals

His acceptance of our invitation to be our chief guest in support of our alma mater, St. Patrick's college, Jaffna is indeed a reflection of his passionate interest in education.

He has visited Sri Lanka on many occasions, finally falling in love with her built himself a home in the South of the country. We were very saddened to hear that he was a victim of the Tsunami and his home was partly destroyed. We however learn that he must have had a premonition and like the animals of Wilpattu which moved up to the hills before the Tsunami struck, bought himself another home in the hill country. His interest and love for Sri Lanka has not abated and he intends to continue his association with Sri Lanka and we hope eventually spend his retirement in our motherland.

We are indeed honoured that he has accepted our invitation to be our chief guest.



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